From booking to bespoke ceremony.

You got engaged! I cannot wait to hear all about it! You’ve decided that a celebrant-led wedding is for you and you would like to book me. How do you proceed? In this blog, I’ll explain how you will work with me as your celebrant. I will walk you through the whole process from booking to the day itself. It really is straightforward and it will be a pleasure to put together a fantastic ceremony for you, a ceremony that will be remembered for years to come.

The process starts with making an inquiry about my availability for the date of your wedding. If the date is available, we will book an informal, no-obligation chat. We can meet for a cuppa or, if it’s more convenient, we can meet online. We’ll chat about all of the exciting things that you already have planned for your day including your venue so that I can get a flavour of how you would like your wedding ceremony to look and feel. 

When you book me, the date is exclusively yours. Next, you will receive a couples pack which consists of a questionnaire and lots of useful information about planning your ceremony including a personalised timeline to help you keep track of the process. You will complete your couple’s biography and share a few of the logistics before we get together again for the planning meeting. We’ll create a WhatsApp group so that we can keep in touch with ease. 

The planning meeting takes place four months before your wedding day. This is where the ceremony starts to take shape. We’ll discuss all of the fine details such as how you will both enter and exit the ceremonial space to how you wish to exchange your rings and vows to your music choices. You will tell me who else will be involved with the ceremony – your dog, your children. We will talk about how you will involve your friends and family. We can discuss adding a symbolic ritual such as hand-fasting or a unity candle. And, of course, you will tell me about those key people who will support you as a best man/woman/person or maid/person of honour. I’ll start liaising with other suppliers such as your photographer and the venue. 

With two months to go, I will write the ceremony script. When the first draft is complete, you will receive a copy for your approval. Any amendments will be made then the script will be ready to go. How exciting! We can run through the ceremony together online. If you wish to rehearse in person, we can discuss the options at the planning meeting.

On your wedding day, I will arrive early at the venue. We’ll touch base before the ceremony and the preparation is complete. It’s time to experience the magic of a bespoke ceremony where you get to share just how special you are to one another in front of your treasured guests.